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During harvest, we first select the best “corners” (often not even whole plots) from our 20 Has Estates to choose the best grapes. They are hand-picked and carried in 12kg crates from vines to the selection table as quickly as possible. Bundles are sorted on the picking table. We use the latest technology to ensure only the highest quality grapes are selected.


Once these 4 grape selection processes have been carried out, we incorporate the harvest into stainless steel tanks in which we bring this paste to around 6-8ºC for 5-7 days. In this way we extract more aromas in order to give intensity to the expression of the purest voice of the vineyard.


We use innovative techniques to give Cerevisae yeasts a preferential advantage and we regulate and adapt the extraction to the particular conditions of each year’s harvest.

For some of our vineyards, since Tempranillo seeds rarely mature completely, we have developed our seedless tanks that allow us to use a “seedless tank technology” to remove seeds from the beginning of fermentation, thus avoiding the negative impact of green aromas and astringency.


Carried out in stainless steel tanks where we can better control the temperature, so that the process occurs quickly, thus avoiding microbiological and organoleptic deviations.


In our opinion, the same concept of “Terroir” can be applied to the forests where the wood is obtained. We work with the best artisan “Tonnelleries”, mostly French, with different drying, molding and toasting processes that we evaluate for each of the parcels. We try to give the right aging, so that we make the wine grow without masking the purest expression of the terroir.

All our suppliers are FSC certified for wood obtained from sustainably produced forests, as well as corks, cardboard shippers, etc. Every step we take we ask ourselves the question of how we can do it in a more sustainable way.

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